UNCG Alumni @ NCLA

The NCLA Biennial Conference will be held in Greenville, NC on October 6th-9th. Below are programs that involve UNCG MLIS Alumni. We are sure we did not get them all. Please leave comments or email us to let us know who we missed!

Tuesday October 6th

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Black Belt Librarians, REMCo/CUS Pre-Conference
Times have changed and, as a result, library security needs have changed. We are far past the time when library security primarily meant dealing with a patron who was talking too loud or trying to leave the library without checking out a book. Librarians today might have to deal with stabbings, shootings, assaults, or even kidnappings.

Since this type of security training is not usually covered in M.L.S. programs, librarians and library staff must look elsewhere for assistance. Often times they are turning to security experts like Warren Graham. Graham has spent twenty-five years in security, including seventeen years at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. In his sessions, he provides realistic security training based on the methods presented in his book, Black Belt Librarians: Every Librarian’s Real World Guide to a Safer Workplace. During this pre-conference workshop, he will address some of these issues and suggest ways to handle difficult situations in the library.

Jamane Yeager (1999) is involved with this pre-conference and is the Reference/Electronic Resource Librarian at Elon University. She will be receiving the Roadbuilder award at the REMCo luncheon on Thursday.

Wednesday October 7th

11:45 am – 1:15 pm
Luncheon with Dept of Cultural Resources Secretary Linda Carlisle
Come hear North Carolina Dept of Cultural Resources Secretary Linda Carlisle discuss the future of libraries in our “interesting” economic climate. There will be a brief business meeting of the WILR and the presentation of the Marilyn Miller award. $15.00

Linda Carlisle, while not an alumni of the MLIS program at UNCG, is a 1972 undergraduate alum, and now the new Secretary of Cultural Resources for the state of North Carolina. She has been involved at UNCG in many ways including holding the position of Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees. Marilyn Mriller is a former chair and professor in the MLIS department at UNCG and also a former president of the ALA.

1:30 pm – 2:45 pm
FRBR and RDA—Where do we stand?
Presenters: Dr. Barbara Marson, Dept. of Library Science, East Carolina University; Mary Rose Adkins, Head of Technical Services, UNC Charlotte, and Adjunct faculty, Dept. of Library and Information Studies, UNC Greensboro; Shoko Tokoro, Cataloging Librarian, UNC Charlotte. An overview of the concepts of FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) and how they relate to RDA (Resource Description and Access). RDA is the new standard that will soon replace AACR2 to cover description and access for resources in traditional and digital formats. The session will include an update on the status of RDA and the testing that is being done by Library of Congress and other volunteer libraries. It will also include time for questions and discussion on how libraries and catalogs will be affected.

Dr. Barbara Marson (1978) is a professor of Library Science at East Carolina University

Thursday, October 8th

9:00 am – 10:15 am
Technology Petting Zoo
A panel discussion/presentation concerning modern technology as it pertains to reference services. Topics will include: productivity (Google Docs, Calendar, etc) social networking (Facebook, LibraryThing, Delicious, etc.) and communication (blogs, wikis, IM). Panelists are: Lauren Pressley, Amy Harris and Lynda Kellum

Lauren Pressley (2007) Instructional Design Librarian at Wake Forest University, Amy Harris (2005) First-Year Instruction Coordinator at UNCG , Lynda Kellam (2007) Data Services & Government Information Librarian at UNCG

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
The Kaleidoscope of Academic Libraries: Marketing our Services to a Multi Generational Population
Libby Stone, Public Services Librarian and Jody Mosteller, Evening Librarian — Morris Library, Gaston College–This session will focus upon the promotional campaign by the Gaston College Libraries to the students, faculty, staff and community members of Gaston and Lincoln counties. Our challenge as librarians is to aggressively market our services to the broad range of multi-generational users on the three campuses, from early college high school students to the increasing number of older students displaced due to the recession. We have the ability to make their academic lives less stressful and more successful! The librarians at Gaston College plan to implement new outreach strategies during the 2009 summer and fall semesters at the two existing libraries and to introduce our patrons to the new library at the Belmont campus, which is scheduled to open in August. We will share our experiences, marketing strategies and resources used, evaluating what has worked and what has not during our presentation.

Jody Mosteller (2006) Evening Librarian Gaston College

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Master Trainers and the Future of e-Learning in North Carolina
In 2007 the State Library of North Carolina initiated the development of on-line training modules by bringing together an e-Learning consultant and a small group of librarians who were also graduates of the State Library’s Master Trainer Program. From that workshop four trainers were matched with four topics and they began the process of learning the software for synchronous on-line delivery. In the summer of 2008, these on-line classes were delivered to library staff from academic and public libraries across the state. These trainers will provide information regarding the development and implementation of their on-line classes, modifying in-room content to fit the virtual classroom, creating new content, and delivering meaningful on-line training. Mardi Durham: Iredell County Public Library, Edward Hirst: Rowan Public Library, Cheryl Middleton: Buncombe County Public Library, Jessica O’Brien, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Mardi Durham (1994) Reference Librarian at Iredell County Public Library, Jessica O’Brien (2005) Technology and Learning Support Librarian at Lenoir-Rhyne University

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
REMCO Luncheon
Jamane Yeager (1999) will be receiving the Roadbuilder award at the REMCo luncheon on Thursday.

3:30 pm – 4:15 pm
Concurrent Poster Sessions
Free Range Librarianship: Archiving Personal Collections
Mendy Ozan (2011)

5:30 pm –6:30 pm
Joint Library Schools Reception
We are crashing this party!! Come show your Spartan pride!


9:00 am – 10:15 am
The Library Diversity Committee: Serving Knowledge, Serving You
You are invited to attend a panel discussion that focuses on the role of the Library Diversity committee. Alan Bailey and Robert James (ECU), Kawanna Bright (NCSU), Bridgette Sanders (UNCC) and Rachel Stinehelfer and Jason Alston (UNCG) will share their experiences and resources. The panel will respond to questions related to developing their committee charge, initiating interest among library staff, seeking ideas for programming and identifying opportunities to collaborate with unites outside of the Library.

Rachel Stinehelfer, Human Resources Librarian at UNCG


2 thoughts on “UNCG Alumni @ NCLA

  1. Jamane Yeager says:

    i was missed as an alumni of UNCG. We are having several programs. REMCo and the College and University section is having a preconference on Tuesday, Oct 6, called the Black Belt Librarian and the REMCo author luncheon on Oct. 8. i am also receiving the Roadbuilder award at the luncheon.

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