Interested in mentoring current LIS students?

The Alumni Association asks interested alumni to serve as mentors for current LIS students and new and recent graduates. Our goal is to support students in their career exploration during the MLIS degree program by allowing them to ask mentors in the field questions regarding their careers, skills and competencies, or other relevant areas and developing personal and professional relationships and contacts within the field. We hope to have mentors to represent all areas of library and information science.

We envision holding some informal meet and greet events with students as well as other follow-up communications through phone, e-mail, blogs, on-your-own communication, etc. You may also wish to offer a mentee an internship/practicum opportunity, which may provide invaluable practical training for future librarians. Keep in mind that a mentoring relationship is about guiding and helping and working toward the mentee’s goals and needs.

We believe a mentoring program will enable us to share our knowledge of the field with prospective librarians and give back to the department and the profession. If you would be interested in serving as a mentor, please contact Lynda Kellam. Please include your position title, type of library, communication preferences (e-mail, facebook, in-person, etc.), how long in the profession, and why you would like to serve as a mentor.

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