2010 Spring Alumni Luncheon Wrap-Up

May Day, May 1, marked the 2010 LISAA Alumni Luncheon held in the Alumni House on UNCG’s campus.  Many former and current students, family members, and faculty met to celebrate the MLIS program at UNCG and to hear a wonderful speaker.

Current president Mac Nelson opened the day by introducing the board members and letting the group know about LISAA’s activities for the year such as our strengthened communications with members via a new blog and Facebook page, a get-together at NCLA in October 2009, an online mentoring session, and a survey sent to alumni asking them what they would like LISAA to do for them.

2009-2010 LISAA Board: Jennifer Smith, Randall Bowman, Kathy Shields, Sandra Andrews, Jeff Stabnau, and Mac Nelson. Not pictured: Lynda Kellam and Adrian Whicker.

Department Chair Dr. Clara Chu reported the department’s activities for the year:  the first IDEAL Summit, a program review, the ALA accreditation presentation, exploration of possible dual degrees and continuing education opportunities, a new Strategic Plan, a new building next year, and a new faculty member next year– Fatih Oguz, from Valdosta State University.

Dr. Chu also invited alumni to give feedback through the department’s website.

The Cora Paul Bomar Lecture was given by Dr. David Cecelski.  Dr. Cecelski’s talk, entitled “Love in the Archives:  the search for Abraham Galloway,” was a wonderful presentation about his journey through many different archives and libraries to research his elusive topic: North Carolinian Abraham Galloway. Galloway was an escaped slave and a Union Spy during the Civil War.  Everyone present could have listened for much longer about his love for historical research and about the librarians and archivists who helped him along the way. And we can’t wait for his book to come out next May! But in the meantime, you can check out some of his other publications.

Dr. Cecelski with LIS faculty member Dr. Jim Carmichael.

The Kovacs Award for Outstanding Alumni Achievement was given to Carol Stanley (1988). Stanley is a Branch Librarian for Athens Technical College, Elbert County Campus in Elberton, GA and is currently serving as President of the Georgia Library Association.

Carol Stanley and LISAA President Mac Nelson.

We have already set the date for next year’s luncheon – Saturday April 16, 2011 – so put it on your calendar and make sure you don’t miss a fun and interesting day with wonderful colleagues, a superb speaker, and good food!


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