Videos from the alumni luncheon

You can watch some videos of the luncheon speeches through the LIS facebook page! It is sort of like you were there!

Big UNCG LISAA style thank you to Amanda Goodman (soon to be alumna) for taking these videos! Rock on!

We have a snippet of Lauren Pressley’s speech. Susan Sharpless Smith’s award acceptance. And some video of us randomly wandering around. Good times!

Next year, though, you should BE THERE!

3 thoughts on “Videos from the alumni luncheon

  1. Bea Kovacs says:

    Thank you for recording these events. Shaky or not, the video presents a moment in time to share with those who could not be there. I hope the department continues to capture, through some form of video, events in the future. It was great to see everyone and to meet the new alumni. Congratulations to all for a job done well!

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