Libguides session at #ncla11

Some rough notes from the libguides session at NCLA. Ask Lynda if you have questions.

Jennifer Ballance from CPCC
– template: same format so students know where to expect something
– remember to unpublish class guides at summer break; ensures that content is current
– use internally for sharing teaching information; commonly asked questions

Randall from Elon University
– sharing in the community; springshares help is very
– establish rules for the guides – only pics and no avatars

Michelle Cosby from NC Central law library
– managing libguides on campuses with multiple libraries/ libguide account – be sure to create unique accounts
– they have student desk workers and interns help out in creating libguides
– “libguides are lifesavers” launch party with raffle

Jenny Dale at UNCG
– discussed process for deciding to go with libguides
– as always an engaging presenter!

Nina Exner at NC A&T
– process at a&t
– cross linking guides

Susan Neilson at wake county libraries
– almost thought about getting rid of subject guides and then decided to give libguides a try.
– reading lists at contra costa public libraries
– link stats only work in link boxes and not rich txt boxes
– not integrate as easily into catalog for readers advisory

Anders at GTCC
– early adopters of libguides
– had to adjust the color scheme after whole website changed

Kathy shields at High Point U
– had general log in so anyone could change guide; also allows for generic “librarian” on side of generic guides like citation guides
– poll everywhere!!

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