Live blogging at NCLA begins!

Throughout the conference several alumni will be blogging about the sessions we attend! I’ll start it off by talking about the session I attended yesterday (not exactly live, but as we all know these conferences are busy!) On Tuesday I attended the Preconference “Everybody Teaches! Creating effective online e-learning experiences” presented by (UNCG alum) Lauren Pressley, Beth Filar Williams, and (UNCG student) Amy Archambault. We began the session by introducing ourselves and then shared what online learning projects we were working on. The group represented a mixture of public, school and academic librarians working on a variety of projects, from creating short, specific tutorials to information literacy tutorials to online classes to training modules. We broke up into groups based on what we were working on. The class was structured around the ADDIE model of instructional design. We spent most of the session talking about the first step, Analysis, because it forms the foundation for the rest of the process. We first discussed learning styles, multiple intelligences, educational psychology, and Bloom’s Taxonomy and how to use these to construct the goals and objectives for the session, tutorial, etc. In the Design phase we discussed how to create engagement in asynchronous and synchronous learning environments and how to determine what our own teaching style is. To aid with the Development phase we discussed various technology tools that can be used in developing the final product and communicating conte quizzes, images, thinking about the things that could go wrong and having a backup plan in place. Evaluation allows you to see where your product can be improved, and then you can start the ADDIE process again. The presenters did a great job of modeling the concepts being taught, including incorporating a variety of learning styles and asking for feedback at the end. The main criticism? We needed more time! There was great discussion going and we could have spent at least another hour or more working through the steps and thinking through them for our own projects. 


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