Meet ADDIE: Designing successful learning outcomes #ncla11

Meet ADDIE: Designing successful learning outcomes #ncla11
Amy Gustavson, ECU, Amy Harris (’05) & Jenny Dale, UNCG

This session is the first of a series of workshops being offered by NCBIG (Bibliographic Instruction Group) this year through the Teacher Librarian Academy. The sessions will be structured around the ILIAC Cycke, designed by Megan Oakleaf:
1. Review learning goals
2. Identify learning outcomes
3. Create learning activities
4. Enact learning activities
5. Gather data
6. Interpret data
7. Enact decisions

Amy Harris discussed the three domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy – cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.
– The session today was focused on the cognitive domain, which ranges from lower order thinking skills to higher order (remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, creating).
– Remember that learning outcomes have to be measurable! You can’t measure how well students “understand” a concept, but you can measure how well they can define or explain it.

Participants were then broken into groups and given the opportunity to take a bad learning outcomes and make them better. Some of the outcomes were too vague, some were too specific, some were unmeasurable. We then had the opportunity to develop learning outcomes for a class we had in mind or an example class. Three learning outcomes for a 50-75 minute class are enough!

Watch the NCLA list for information on the upcoming sessions in the Teacher Librarian Academy!

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