NCLA Schedule of Alumni Presentations

NCLA will be held in Winston Salem, NC this year at the Benton Convention Center. We went through the list of presentations and pulled out all of the ones presented by our fabulous alumni and LIS Deptartment Faculty and are sharing this list with you!

The Alumni Association will be sharing the table with UNCG’s LIS Department, so drop by and say hi!


Wednesday, October 16, 1-2pm

Concurrent (A)

Rosalind Tedford, ZSR, Wake Forest University

“New Research Shows” – or does it? Using Junk Science in Information Literacy Instruction

Benton N Hall G

William E. Durham, Jr., Forsyth County Library

”Point-of-Need Digital Reference in the Public Library”

Embassy Gaines 2 – RASS

Dottie Brunette, County Librarian, Franklin, NC.

“Collaboration in Your Community: How to Build Strong Partnerships”

Benton N Hall F

Wednesday, October 16, 2:15-3:15pm

Concurrent (B)

Hubert David Womack, ZSR, Wake Forest University:

“”Big Games” in Academic Libraries

Benton N Hall D

Kathlene Smith, UNCG Special Collections

“How to Sustain Online Projects Once They Are Launched”

Embassy Gaines 1

Bryna Coonin, ECU

“For the Record: the history and development of the Congressional Record from its inception to the present”

Embassy Ayers

Jean Harris, Randolph County

“Beyond the Library Doors: Services to Homebound Residents”

Embassy Terrace 2

Wednesday, October 16, 4-5pm

Concurrent (C)

Seth Ervin & Beatriz Guevara, Charlotte Mecklenburg, with Anthony Chow, UNCG LIS

“A Collective Voice and Vision: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Staff Needs Assessment”

Embassy Gaines 1 – Mecklenburg

Dana Eure, Cabarrus County

“I Read, You Read, WE ALL Read: Community Reads”

Embassy Gaines 2 – PLS

Susan McDonald, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“Going for the Gold: WorkSmart Standards for Branch Performance”

Benton N Hall E

Anna Craft & Beth Bernhardt, UNCG, Lisa Kushner, Forsyth County

“Behind the Scenes but not Behind the Times: Career Perspectives in Technical Services”

Embassy Ayers

Thursday, October 17, 8:30-9:30am

Concurrent (D)

Sara Thynne, Alamance CC

“How to Write a Business Plan: Researching Marketing/Competition”

Embassy Terrace 3

Susan Sharpless Smith, ZSR, Wake Forest University

“Life Lessons Learned: Through a Librarian’s Lens”

Benton N Hall D

Megan Johnson, ASU

“Getting Started with Usability Testing”

Embassy Ardmore 2

Joe Eshleman, Johnson & Wales, Jo Henry, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“The Academic Liaison: From Resources to Relationships to Reinvention”

Embassy Gaines 1

Thursday, October 17, 9:45-10:45am

Concurrent (E)

Lori Special, State LIbrary

“Serving the C(Connected) Generation”

Embassy Gaines 2 – PLS, YSS

Anne Masters, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“Adult Summer Reading: The New Norm”

Embassy Ardmore 1

Raye Oldham, State Library, with Anthony Chow, UNCG LIS

Designing the Future: Public Library Community Needs Analysis and Strategic Planning

Embassy Terrace 3

Natalie Bishop & Mona Czarnecki, Gardner-Webb

“Spreading like Kudzu: Facing the Challenges and Triumphs of a Growing, Multi-Format Information Literacy Program”

Benton N Hall B

Holly Mabry, NCKnows

“NCKnows: How to Market and Reach Out to Patrons Virtually”

Embassy Ardmore 2

Thursday, October 17, 11:00-12:00 pm

Concurrent (F)

April Everett, Rowan County

“Upstairs Downstairs: Reaching our Patrons and Staff”

Embassy Ardmore 1

Mark Coltrain, Julie Obst, CPCC with Nora Bird and Beth Martin, UNCG LIS

“Growing Embedded Librarians Like Kudzu: How a Popular Program Got Out of Hand and the Collaboration That Saved It”

Benton N Hall C LI RAS

Thursday, October 17, 4-5pm

Concurrent (G)

Randall Bowman, Elon University

“I Honestly had No Idea!’: LibGuides Usability Assessment in an Academic Library”

Embassy Terrace 3 – CUS LI

Emily Mann, UNCG

“Bridging the Language Barrier in Public Services: Enhancing Cross Cultural Communication in Academic Libraries”

Benton N Hall C

Alicia Finley, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“Creative and Inexpensive Ideas to Incorporate into Your Every Child Ready to Read Parent and Child Workshops”


Nancy Poole, UNCG

“Stronger Together: Another Look at Faculty/Librarian Collaboration”

Embassy Ayers

Paula Brown, Gaston County

“Donations and Gifts: Do Public and Academic Libraries Collect and Handle Them the Same Way?”

Embassy Ardmore 2 – RTS

Friday, October 18, 8:30-9:30am

Concurrent (H)

Lisa Kushner, Forsyth County, Catherine Wilkinson, ASU

“Three to Get Ready (and Go Live!): System Migration in Academic and Public Libraries”

Embassy Ardmore 1

Kathleen Wheeless, Forsyth County

“Lessons Learned: Marketing Library Resources and ROI”

Benton LL 5 & 6 – BLINC

Holly Mabry, NCKnows, Keeley Murray, The Chef’s Academy:

“Share Your App!”

Benton N Hall D – TNT

Decca Slaughter & Esmirna Esparza, Forsyth County, Beatriz Guevara, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“Servicios por Todos: Library Services to Latinos and Spanish Speakers”

Benton N Hall F – PLS

Susan Sharpless Smith, ZSR, Wake Forest University

“What ZSR Library Does to Build Value”

Benton N Hall G

Susan Wolf Neilsen, Wake County

“Connect with your Community: Apply for a Smart Investing @ Your Library Grant!”

Benton N Hall B

Friday, October 18, 9:45-10:45am

Concurrent (I)

Raye Oldham, State Library, Jane McAllister, Davie County, Monika Rhue, JCSU

“LSTA Grant Success Stories”

Embassy Ardmore 1 – State Library

Alicia Finley, Charlotte Mecklenburg

“My Digital World”

Benton N Hall C – LIT, YSS

Leatha Miles-Edmonson, Marquette University, Martha Parker, U of A,  Ingrid Ruffin, UT Knoxville

“Transforming the Profession: Library Residents and Fellows Speak”

Benton N Hall D – LI

Seth Ervin, Beatriz Guevara (Panel) Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, with Anthony Chow, UNCG LIS

“A Collective Voice and Vision: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Staff Needs Assessment”

Embassy Ayers – LI, PLS

Friday, October 18, 11:45-12:45

Concurrent (J)

Julie Raynor, High Point

“Up with E-Books: Best Practices for Staff Training”

Benton N Hall B

Amy Harris Houk, UNCG (Panel Presentation):

“Strengthening Instruction through Curriculum Mapping: A Collaborative Strategy for Targeted Teaching”

Keeley Murray, The Chef’s Academy, Anders Selhorst, GTCC

“Outreach to Faculty in the Digital Age: Successes and Failures”

Beatriz Guevara, Charlotte Mecklenburg, with Anthony Chow, UNCG LIS

“Hearing Silent Voices: Connecting to the Spanish Speaking Community”


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