Message from the LISAA President

Hello! I’m Lara Crews, and I am very honored to serve as the President of the UNCG LIS Alumni Association for 2014-15. I’m currently a Children’s Librarian at Forsyth County Public Library’s Central Library, and I’ve been a part of the LISAA board since 2012. It is so much fun serving on the board and getting to know all of the wonderful UNCG Alumni. This year our board is working on a lot of new things. We are moving forward with technology, as you witness this past Alumni Luncheon with online registration. Any ways we can reach our newest set of online student graduates, we are open to hearing.

Our board is made up of Academic, Public, and School Media Librarians. Any member of our board is eager to hear from you. Please let us be the “little birdies” that tell the world how awesome you are! Send us your achievements, your published articles, or pictures and we will proudly share how great you are as one of UNCG’s LIS program graduates.

So here is the list of ways we as your LISAA Board can help, and that you can help us:

1. If you or an alumni you know is doing something particularly awesome, share it with us! Email me or one of our other board members and we’ll be happy to brag for you.

2. Add your info to our alumni directory.

3. Attend our annual alumni luncheon! This year’s luncheon is scheduled for March 21, 2015, so go ahead and put it on calendar!

4. Stay in touch with us through our Facebook page and of course this blog.

If you have any feedback for me, you can reach me at

I hope to see you all at the luncheon!


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