Featured Alumna: Ginny Lewis

Ginny Lewis, UNCG LIS Alumna

Photo courtesy of Ginny Lewis

This month’s featured alumna is Ginny Lewis! Ginny graduated from the UNCG LIS program in May of 2003 and currently works as the Division Manager for Research Services at High Point Public Library. Read on to learn more about Ginny!

  • Had you worked in other areas before entering library school?

I am a registered radiologic technologist  and worked in healthcare for 20+ years prior to  obtaining  my LIS degree at UNCG.

  • What was your first library job?

I worked as an Information Desk assistant at Jackson Library at UNCG while obtaining my graduate degree.  That was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working in an academic library.

  • What do you remember most about your time in the UNCG LIS program?

I absolutely loved working at Jackson Library. I learned so much and enjoyed working with staff,  students and the general public.  I also  enjoyed the amount of access I had to professors. They were generous with their time and expertise in teaching me throughout  my time as a grad student at UNCG.

  • What is your current position and what does it entail?

I am the division manager for Research Services at High Point Public Library in High Point , NC.  I manage five professional staff members and five paraprofessional staff members in my division. I am responsible for collection development  for nonfiction in print and e-content.  I produce and manage line item budgeting for my division, procure electronic database subscriptions for the library, procurement of periodicals for the library’s periodicals collection, oversee management for the library’s public computing center and I also oversee stacks management for both reference and circulating nonfiction collections.

  • Do you have any projects going on that you’re particularly excited about?

I am a member of the library’s leadership team so I  participate in  some of  decision making processes for our library’s initiatives and action plans. I am also involved as a team member in e-content procurement  for our library. I am learning lots of new things pertaining to e-content. I enjoy learning  about new technologies and computer equipment. I am also involved in  a project  that encourages LIS students to volunteer in our library  to gain experience. I volunteered  at Greensboro Public Library for several months after I graduated in 2003.  My volunteerism at the Reference Desk at Central Branch  of GPL  enabled me to obtain my first library position at GPL.  That investment paid off with a professional position at HPPL.  I learned so much, and was mentored by wonderful staff members at GPL through the years.  I participate as a mentor for NCLA as a result.  I love talking to and working with librarians and LIS students.

  • How do you feel the profession has changed since you graduated from UNCG?

Trends  in mobile smart phone technology, e-content, and cloud computing  are keeping me busy learning  new ways to provide services and resources to the community our library serves. I am having  lots of fun learning   about all these new ways to deliver services and content  to the people we serve in High Point.  I also  have noticed  that we  are using more  technology to do outreach in our community.  We are making connections in the community in order to advocate for our public library as well as  educate the community  about what we can provide.  We are  having an impact on the quality of life for the general public as well as enhancing small  business interests, entrepreneurs, and  non-profit agencies. Connecting with interested stakeholders in our community has opened my eyes  to how valuable public libraries can be.  I am very excited about the changes I have seen in  my profession since I graduated in 2003.