iDEAL Summit

iDEAL Summit at UNCG

iDEAL Summit at UNCG

The Department of Library and Information Studies (LIS) is holding a town hall meeting, the Information, Diversity, Engagement, Access and Libraries Summit (iDEALS), to bring together LIS students, faculty, staff and alumni, the regional professional community and other stakeholders to discuss and work on how we address information, diversity, engagement, access and libraries (iDEAL) in our education, research, practice and community. iDEALS provides participants the opportunity to address three goals:

* DIALOGUE (exchange/connect) – What are your concerns, ideas and solutions regarding iDEAL?
* ACTION (engagement/reciprocity) – what skills/knowledge/expertise do you have and can contribute/share to advance iDEAL?
* TRANSFORMATION (change) – what is the change you want to see and will experience in addressing iDEAL?

Proposed Program
Monday, November 9th, 2009, 1-5 pm
12:30 p.m. Registration, Alexander Room in the Elliot University Center, UNCG (see map).
1:00-2:45 pm Welcome and Dialogue
2:45-3:35 pm Showcase and Refreshments
3:35-5:15 pm From Dialogue to Action
5:30-6:30 pm Reception and Showcase
6:30-8:00 pm Keynote Speech by Camila Alire, American Library Association President

New Department Chair Clara M. Chu is looking forward to meeting with, hearing from and working with you. If you wish to assist with or contribute to iDEALS, please do not hesitate to contact her at or (336) 334-3481. Your voice and knowledge matters to LIS.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, November 3rd or if you have a question to Cindy Felts or (336) 334-3477, and we’ll also be happy to add you to the lis-news-L list. The first 60 registrants will receive complimentary parking. Please check back as we will be adding more details on the program as it becomes available.

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