February’s Featured Alumna: Katie Nash

We’re very pleased to have Katie Nash as our featured alumna for February!  Katie received her MLIS from UNCG in 2004. Since graduating, she has served as the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian at Elon University in Burlington, NC.  And, she’s a blogger! Keep reading to learn more!

1. Had you worked in other areas before entering library school?

Not professionally.  I entered library school right after completing my undergraduate degree at Appalachian State University.  But I have had jobs since I was 16.

2. What was your first library job?

My first library job (unprofessional) was working in the Interlibrary Loan office at Belk Library at Appalachian State University, as a student.  My first (professional) library job was at Belk Library at Elon University (my current position).

3. What do you remember most about your time in the UNCG LIS program?

Having good conversations with friends and professors after class, and of course meeting Anders! (her husband, who is also a librarian)

4. What is your current position and what does it entail?

I am the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian at Elon University.  I am a “one-woman” shop so this means I do everything from answering the phone, to processing collections, to supervising students and volunteers, to creating digital content and managing digital projects, to being a part of campus wide events and participating on different committees, to answering all reference questions, to unpacking and packing up boxes of materials.  Every day is something different!

5. Do you have any projects going on that you’re particularly excited about?

Currently, I am assisting the University Founder’s Week Committee by selecting and preparing photographs and content for the Founder’s Week celebration on campus in March.  I am working with the President’s Office, University Relations, the Chaplain’s office, and many more offices on campus to provide the sources they need to highlight and celebrate this year’s honoree.

Last year I supervised an intern from the SILS program at UNC Chapel Hill, and managed the workflow of the library’s first digital project.  We selected, described, created metadata, scanned, transcribed, and made available online 30 historic postcards from our collection.  To view the project, follow this link http://techapp.elon.edu/postcards/

Another exciting thing we created, with the help of my current student worker, is a blog titled “Under the Oaks.”    This blog includes interesting stories from Elon’s history that we uncover while working with collections and talking with alumni and people on campus.  My student writes a majority of the entries, and I assist her when I have time.  To view the blog, follow this link http://belkarchives.wordpress.com/.

6. How do you feel the profession has changed since you graduated from UNCG?

Not as many people have retired that I think most of us younger graduates expected.  We kept hearing in library school that there would be a ton of jobs because people would retire, etc… well that is just not the case—people have not retired!  I feel that the profession and library’s in general are searching for their identity and meaning in the 21st century—but hopefully that will change in the near future with more and more unique digital content being created and the library continuing to serve as a space.

Thank you, Katie!

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