Libguides session at #ncla11

Some rough notes from the libguides session at NCLA. Ask Lynda if you have questions.

Jennifer Ballance from CPCC
– template: same format so students know where to expect something
– remember to unpublish class guides at summer break; ensures that content is current
– use internally for sharing teaching information; commonly asked questions

Randall from Elon University
– sharing in the community; springshares help is very
– establish rules for the guides – only pics and no avatars

Michelle Cosby from NC Central law library
– managing libguides on campuses with multiple libraries/ libguide account – be sure to create unique accounts
– they have student desk workers and interns help out in creating libguides
– “libguides are lifesavers” launch party with raffle

Jenny Dale at UNCG
– discussed process for deciding to go with libguides
– as always an engaging presenter!

Nina Exner at NC A&T
– process at a&t
– cross linking guides

Susan Neilson at wake county libraries
– almost thought about getting rid of subject guides and then decided to give libguides a try.
– reading lists at contra costa public libraries
– link stats only work in link boxes and not rich txt boxes
– not integrate as easily into catalog for readers advisory

Anders at GTCC
– early adopters of libguides
– had to adjust the color scheme after whole website changed

Kathy shields at High Point U
– had general log in so anyone could change guide; also allows for generic “librarian” on side of generic guides like citation guides
– poll everywhere!!


who has the coolest LIS alumni association?

Yes, we do. Here they are. Hot off the presses. The UNCG LISAA sticker with QR code. You know you want to show your “G” pride at NCLA. Stop by the LISAA table to get one. Just look for the table with a very, very large sign, as big as a child, or two or three.

And don’t forget to meet at Carrabba’s Wednesday night at 5pm.

Say it loud, say it proud. We are G!


Say it loud, say it proud. We are “G”. NCLA 2011

Lots of info coming your way for NCLA!  The “G” has alumni representing at the conference this year. Below is a partial list. If you are not included, let  us know! Add your event in the comments.  Say it loud, say it proud. We are “G”.

Several of us will be live blogging the sessions right here at Minerva’s Library. Want to write for us? You know you do! Just email Lynda

We will be meeting at the Hickory Carrabba’s at 5pm on Wednesday night. Be there! Or the lions will eat you.

Kathy Shields, Randall Bowman, Anders Selhorst, Jennifer Balance: Panel Presentation, “Lessons Learned: Getting the most out of LibGuides”. Wednesday, October 5, 1:30 – 2:45 pm.  Other panelists: Michelle Cosby, Jenny Dale, Nina Exner, Susan Wolk Neilson.

Randall Bowman: Panel Presentation, “Event Planning Without Tears”. Thursday, October 6, 9:00 – 10:00 am.  Other panelists: Dale Cousins, Harry Frank, Carolyn Willis, and Bryna Coonin.

Lauren Pressley: Preconference: Everybody Teaches: Creating Effective Online e-Learning Experiences, Tuesday 1-4

Pete Turner: Bringing Storytime Alive with Acting and Storytelling Techniques: An Interactive Workshop, Wednesday 1:30

Melinda Livas: R.A.M.S.: Developing a Master Teacher Librarian Program…That Works!, Wed. 1:30-2:45

Jeff Mortimore: Guide your patrons through the online resource jungle, Wednesday 3:45 (with Leslie Sierra, Dave Trudeau, Aletha Andrew)

Jacqueline White, Camilla Bahr: Public Library Design and Technology, Wednesday 3:45 (with Anthony Chow)

Jeff Mortimore: Beta Phi Mu breakfast, Thursday 7:30 AM

Chase Baity, David Rachlin, Christian Burris: To Fine or Not to Fine– Are Fines or Rewards more effective motivators?, Thursday 9AM (with Anthony Chow)

Carol Walters: Programs, Politics, and Possibilities: Trustees/Friends/Librarians/Advocates, Thursday 10:30

David Bryden: OCLC Web-Scale Management Services: Unlocking Efficiency, Cooperation, and Collaborative Innovation, Thursday 11:00-12:00

Michelle Bridges, Patricia Commander, Amy Figley: What does a typical library website look like?, Thursday 4:15 (with Anthony Chow)

Mendy Ozan: Free & Easy 2.0: Online Tools to Support Teaching, Learning & Productivity, Thursday 4:15

Amy Harris Houk: Meet ADDIE:Designing Successful Learning Outcomes, Friday 8:30

Lynda Kellam: “Do We Really Need to Pay for this Anymore? The best free v. fee sources for statistics and country research”, Thursday, 9:00 am

Lynda Kellam, Amy Harris, Lauren Pressley: “Patrons Left to their Own Devices: Library Databases and E-Readers, Thursday, 11:00.

get yer party-hopping boots on!

Some librarians are going to rock Hickory during NCLA! And to get the festivities started the LIS Alumni Association is going to meet up at Carraba’s on Wednesday, October 5 from 5:00-7:00 pm. Carrabba’s told us that they don’t have a happy hour, and we said “Don’t worry. We will bring the happy.”  We know other events may compete but none will be as cool. Feel free to stop by and say hello to your fellow alumni as well as some recruited current students.

In addition to happy hour, the LISAA board will be live blogging the events as possible. If you would like to live blog for us on Minerva’s Library, email Lynda.

Pics from NCLA!

Here are some pictures of UNCG alumni at the NCLA conference (October 6-9, 2009). If you didn’t get a chance to go to Greenville, you can read about a few of the sessions on the Conference blog.

Kathy Shields (2009), Janie Neely (1992), Amy Harris (2005), Lynda Kellam (2007)

Kathy Shields (2009), Janie Neely (1992), Amy Harris (2005), Lynda Kellam (2007)

Sheila Brown Evans (2004), Carol G. Walters (1975), and Phoebe Medlin (2006)

Sheila Brown Evans (2004), Carol G. Walters (1975), and Phoebe Medlin (2006)

Jennifer Smith (2008), Heather Gillette (2009), and Kathy Shields (2009)

Jennifer Smith (2008), Heather Gillette (2009), and Kathy Shields (2009)



Hello Mr. President!

Mac Nelson, our illustrious President, has posted his words of wisdom. Check out the message from the LISAA President in our blog pages.

Take note of his call to arms for NCLA:

  • On Wednesday night (10/7) we’ll crash the NMRT dinner/get together at the Atavola Market Café (7-9pm)—feel free to show up early for drinks, snacks, and conversation
  • On Thursday night we’ll meet at the “Joint Library Schools Reception” (5:30-6:30)